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This is an email to say thank you so much for looking after our Beavers se well on Thursday. We would like to come back next summer!.

I have already passede your details on to a Beaver parent as their son wants to do Karate with you.

Thanks again.



I was looking for a challenge that would teach me something new, and improve my fitness. I am a total novice, but Bob Hague has made me feel very welcome, and Bill Gears' training has been excellent. I would thoroughly recommend SSKC to anyone starting karate or wanting to improve their skills.

Chris H


Our Beaver colony were invited to participate in a taster Karate Session with Bob and his team. They were great with them, it's hard to keep 25 children engaged and on task for an hour but every one of them loved the time they spent there. Following the session one of my beavers started Karate lessons at her school and passed her first grading and my son has just joined the classes.


I've never seen him get dressed and ready to go so quickly on a Saturday morning, it's something neither of them would have considered before the session. The dojo is a great venue with a separate warm and cosy parents area were they can watch the children train which meant we could ensure our adult: child ratios were covered without them needing to be actively involved in the session and without the Beavers knowing we were watching them.


One of our Scout groups has also been along for a session as part of their Martial Arts badge and I heard very positive feedback from them and their leader too. We can't wait to bring a new colony of children in the future.

Laura Strong


Great People and High quality Karate​​

I have been training Shotokan Karate in Germany from an early age, but stopped for many years when studying and working in abroad. A few years after my settlement in Sheffield I finally found this gem of a Karate club that didn't just offer high quality Shotokan Karate, but also a friendly atmosphere and wonderful people, which finally led me to restart my training.


Sensei Bob Hague always has a joke on his lips and more Karate experience than many I have met. He has the skills and character to offer anybody an excellent training, from young to old. Karate will bring many benefits and sometimes you only notice what you got when you (have to) stop for a while. I can only recommend to have a go at Karate and if you can do it at Sheffield Shotokan you will have a great chance to enjoy your training and become an excellent Karateka.


Christian U

Shotokan Karate

I took up Karate in my late 40's as a way of keeping fit both physically and mentally. I never thought I would achieve a dan grade but with the expert teaching by Sensei Bob , Senpie and the support of fellow students at the age of 54 I did !.


As a Q grade I struggled with understanding the application of Kata , Sensei Bob has a unique way of imparting the rich depth of knowledge he has , thus unlocking the hidden techniques and practical applications of the Kata's so that your own understanding expands as you progress through the grades.


I have also had the privilege of training with Sensei Bob when invited by the JKA to their North East London dojo , cross training with John Hallam and the unique experience of training with Karate-do Shotokan Cherbough following the teachings of Ginchin Funakoshi , Tsutomu Ohshima . Ancient / Modern , French / English different but the same. Seeing Sensei Bob share his Knowledge in France and in turn their Sensei sharing his Knowledge was fascinating and only went to reinforce just how wide and how deep a knowledge of Karate Sensei Bob has.


If you are thinking of taking up Karate or re-starting training , you will not fined a better Sensei of club to train with. Classes can span across all grades and level of fitness , so there is always something for everyone and everyone always learns something ! I highly recommend Sensei Bob Hague should you choose to take up Karate-do.


Neil P

Family training

Started training with this club 8 years ago with my wife and son. Its a great atmosphere and everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Sensei Bob Hague is a true professional who has a very vast knowledge of karate. I would recommend this club to anyone of any age from beginners to more experienced individuals. Its great for families, keeping fit and learning valuable self defence techniques.


Chris N

Japan Karate Association - London

It's my please to offer my unreserved recommendation for Mr Bob Hauge, for his achievement in martial arts.


During the time I have known him, Sensei Hague has been active in our martial arts community, helping black belts not only from his organisation but also others.


He has taken many responsible roles such as teacher and mentor, his contributions include running his own dojo and travelling to others in the UK to help with their development.


He has achieved multiple successes in both of these positions . For example as head of his dojo, he has helped raise, in a positive manner, the profile of martial arts and work together with JKA and SKIF.


Much of this had to do with his success in getting together and organising volunteers. His passion, combined with his organisation skills, make him an asset to any organisation.


Our club resides in London and we invited Sensei Hague to come and teach at our Dojo, in true karate spirit Sensei Hague came to our Dojo with a group of his students. His teaching skills and knowledge combined with his unique approach to Karate made it easy for all our students to learn from him.


His knowledge surpasses his humbleness, Sensi Hague is an example for all of us to follow.


Even though we belong to different organisations we are more than happy to have Sensei Hague come and be part of our Dojo with his teachings.


If you have any further questions , please feel free to contact me direct.

Carlos Bastidas

Chief Instructor (East London JKA Karate Club)

Testimonial Darren Hunter New Zealand JKA

Go Bob. You have helped in many a students life mine included. Would have not met my wife due to being at your dojo and on a road of self expression. Hats off to ya. Hope your health is ok mate.

Darren Hunter

Childrens Karate

Our son has been training at SSKC for a year. The class is something he looks forward to every week and since starting, his concentration levels and self-esteem have noticeably improved. Sensei Bob Hague is infectiously passionate about karate - his vast knowledge and expertise is passed on to students in a fun, but disciplined, way. The environment at the club is friendly, welcoming and supportive. We cannot rate SSKC highly enough and would definitely recommend it to other parents!

Jennifer H


I’m in late fifties now and have been training at SSKC for some 5 years. I started learning karate in the seventies as a teenager then stopped, a couple of years ago I achieved black belt, something I thought i would never do. It was purely through the teaching of Bob Hague along with the friendship and helpfulness of my fellow students. Bobs approach to teaching I think is quite unique, there’s tradition, etiquette and respect but in a relaxed and very friendly atmosphere. Lessons are a mixture of “traditional” karate, self defence, take downs and floor work. Great for mind, body and soul, never too young or old to start.....

Richard W

Reference from Kenshin Tatsuta resident in Japan

I visited Bob's dojo in September 2014 and received his guidance for about a month. In addition to the basic skills of the Shotokan karate, his well researched and sophisticated techniques make his training more practical. 


I am convinced that his karate, both logical and practical, will be easily understood and accepted by anyone regardless of the learner's level.


Though I had been training 4 years in Mikio Yahara sensei's dojo at that time, I had a lot of things to learn in UK and immediately shared the skills to members of the dojo in my university after coming back to Japan.


If someone visits Sheffield, I definitely recommend the sensei Bob.


Kenshin Tatsuta

Japan Karate Association

I have the pleasure of offering my unreserved recommendation for Sensei Hague, for his advancement and achievements in Karate-Do.


During the time I have known Sensei Hague he has always been very proactive with regards to the martial arts community. He has always made me and members of other organisations very welcomed in his dojo. 


He has openly helped black belts not only from his organisation but also other organisation using the ‘same house, different rooms’ philosophy. 


I am aware that he has taken many responsible roles and has travelled to other parts of the UK to teach and help other students. Furthermore he has been integral in helping to organise open karate courses in the Yorkshire area.


Sensei Hague’s teaching methods and knowledge combined with his unique approach to Karate make it easy for all students to learn irrespective of age. His passion and knowledge for martial arts combined with his organisation skills makes him an asset to any club and or organisation. If you have any further questions please contact me at rotherhamjka@gmail.com




Luis H. Bastidas MBA, I.Eng.

Northern Regional Officer – JKA England

Instructor (Rotherham JKA Karate Club)


Sensei Bob Hague helped me facilitate health and well-being karate classes for senior citizens which run twice weekly, and thanks also to everyone at the Sheffield Shotokan club for your support in making this happen.

Tim T

Testimonial from Renshi John Hallam 

I first met Sensei Hague through a mutual student who had been talking about cross training. He invited me to come a teach a class for him and in turn I asked him to do the same. I believe we both found similar issues when teaching as each art focuses on different values. However, Sensei Hague’s class in my dojo was enlightening both for my students and myself.

For my students it was a fantastic introduction into the art of kata (something that I love but find hard to translate for my students). Sensei Hague showed kata and the application of the kata which I saw in the faces had struck a chord. His way of explaining the different moves and their applications, especially among the younger students, was amazing. For me it showed that while there were huge differences in the arts there were also similarities, something that I could also work on to improve my techniques.

I know that I will definitely ask for another visit because Sensei Hague’s enthusiasm and dedication to the art is completely motivating. He loves his art and also is not blinkered and embraces other arts.

John Hallam

Excellent club, great atmosphere, great beer!

I’m a 4th dan black belt who has been training at Sheffield Shotokan for around 10 years, after my previous club folded. Bob’s enthusiasm for karate is infectious and his teaching style makes a great, supportive environment for students to train in. Standards are high and the work rate is hard. Lessons are varied, with a mixture of traditional basics, kata and kumite, but with grappling, padwork and ground fighting thrown in for good measure. Every session seems to be different and keeps training fresh and interesting. The dojo itself has sprung and matted floors, air con and is always in excellent condition - making it the perfect environment to train in. Then, after training, Bob’s excellent home brew is always (literally) on tap for students to enjoy a well deserved beer. Carlsberg don’t make karate clubs... but if they did, it would be this one!

Adam S

Challenging myself

Sometimes we need a challenge. To stop life getting dull, there should be the next mountain to climb. Five years ago, I resolved to test myself, and take up karate, a sport which had always intrigued me, but which I had not had the space, time or energy to pursue. I looked for a club which provided safe, friendly and competent tuition. I found that Sensei Bob Hague provides high quality teaching which works in real self-defence situations. As an older student, I was pleased to discover that his lessons are light-hearted yet disciplined, so learning happens in a warm, structured and protective environment. As well as making many firm friends, I have improved my fitness. I have progressed, but there is much more to learn. When I joined, I was looking for a karate club. What I found was a family, where we all work together to challenge each other, and to become the best we can be.

Chris L

Restarting Training

I’m an older (mature) guy who first took up karate in the early seventies, and although I loved it at the time my interests changed and I dropped out of the scene. Moving forward forty odd years I find myself looking for some form of physical exercise/activity to slow down the inevitable (maybe not) descent into decrepitude and I fortuitously stumbled across this club. I made some tentative inquiries and found to my surprise I’m not too old to be starting karate lessons again, and that I’m actually enjoy it more this time around. The sensei Bob Hague was very welcoming, accommodating and sensitive to my particular needs as a mature person and the other members also friendly and inclusive. There is a great deal of knowledge and experience available here. Highly recommended.

Mick B


This is a friendly place to learn karate, with emphasis on working hard, but having fun. Bob is an excellent Sensei with a teaching style which I think children respond well to. As a parent I am impressed with the set-up and high standard of tuition, and would thoroughly recommend karate Sheffield to other parents.


Rich H

My name is Paul Powers, I'm the owner and founder of Powers Martial Arts centre. I've practiced and studied Martial Arts for over 40 years. I have been privileged to train and work with Bob Hauge who in my opinion is one of the leading Karate practitioners in the UK. Bob is very knowledgeable and very experienced, I can and do very often recommend people go and train with Bob. As well as a great Karate instructor Bob is a true gentleman.


Paul Powers

 Martial Arts

 Karate Testimonial

I've been training in Shotokan for twenty years and at Sheffield Shotokan Karate club for just over ten years now. The main instructor, Bob, has a very rare wealth of knowledge of karate and related martial arts that he somehow manages to bring across in a way anyone can understand. As well as the traditional karate lessons, Bob runs a weekly self-defence class which incorporates techniques from ju-jitsu including locks and groundwork. All the lessons are very good value for money and I cannot recommend the club enough to anyone who wants to start karate or carry on training.


Richard M

 Karate Training

Other than Bob's humorous comments, his deep understanding of the art makes him one of the few in the UK. I am a PhD student, I have been taking lessons for about a month and I have enjoyed all of them. I have practiced karate before and I can say that not everyone practices it on a professional level like this dojo. Bob's professional conduct makes his lessons priceless. Everyone at the dojo is very kind, respectful and welcoming. I would recommend it to all people: from amateurs to professionals; everyone has something to learn from the experience. I would sincerely recommend all parents with little children to teach their children Karate at this particular dojo. Matthew Syed is a British author and he has a book called 'Bounce: The myth of talent and the power of practice'. Being a three-time Commonwealth table tennis champion, he argues that high quality and frequent enough training is enough to make champions. This is not to mention the high morals that Karate teaches. Thank you Bob!


Ellias L

Shotokan Karate

After about 18 months of training now with Sensei Bob Hague I thought I would write a small article for anyone who might be on the verge of taking karate up or indeed restarting training as I did. I have enjoyed my experience with Bob so much that I look forwards to training with him every week and indeed now try and fit in a second class if I can, training with other students that I have come to know and respect, I have also started training to become an instructor which is giving me another string to my bow and am also enjoying this experience , not as easy as you might think but good fun and there is always the get together after the training in a special cabin Bob had built with a shandy - he has also had cctv fitted in the dojo so any prospective parent can watch their child train whilst in the purpose built cabin and know that they are in a safe environment.


Bill G

Karate at any age 

For anyone who like myself is getting on in years and who would like to increase their fitness levels I can recommend taking up Karate, not only does it keep you fit but also increases your confidence levels especially in today's society where there is so much trouble on our streets even though we might be minding our own business the proverbial can and does happen. I can especially recommend the club that I joined with Sensei Bob Hague who has brought my karate along tremendously, I cannot thank him enough, he has a knack of judging your fitness level and guiding you through the required exercises to bring you along in stages and you will eventually find you can do things that you wouldn't have dreamt of doing so instead of being a couch potato give it a try. Sensei Bob has his own dojo which he had specially built at the back of his property which is well equipped and the floor is well padded with safety mats, it is also heated but when you actually get going you will be asking him to turn it off.


Bill G

Female Shotokan Karate 

I've been training at this club for many years . when being a female it can be quite scary joining a martial arts club. Bob Hague , the club instructor is very welcoming as well as rest of the people at the club . No matter how old or young you are karate is very good for fitness and for self defense . Both of my kids now train at this club , they are doing really well and enjoy going every Saturday . Through the week there are adults classes and ladies self defense classes which are mixed levels and abilities . I would highly recommend this club .


Donna M

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