Latest update today for Karate - 17th October 2020

Hi everyone. Hope your all staying safe and well.

Please see the guidance below as of 08:50 this morning.

We have sought further guidance from Sport England and the Amateur Martial Arts Association and placed below.

We are sanctioned to carry on training under these guidelines at this moment in time, until there are further updates in placer the situation moves to Critical High.

If that should happen, then as you can see, all adults must remove themselves from any training in the Dojo.

We are also going to offer same bubble training for families.

Here are the rules when attending the Dojo. 1, No Physical contact. 2, Arrive changed, and have your temperature scanned and registered in the track and trace system presented to you on entry. 3, If at all possible, do not use the toilets. 4, Use the available hand sanitiser, when you arrive home have a good wash (Sorry to sound awful) 5, Partner work is banned 6, Use of  personally issued equipment (not hook and jab mits) is allowed. 7, Kata practice and basics are allowed, but breathing over anyone creating sputum is not, so a safe distance must be adhered to at all times. 8, All equipment that you have used must be cleaned by yourself after the session. It is worth noting that we are registered and are a recognised club, that falls within the AMA guidelines. Our Coaches all hold £5.000.000 public liability insurance and are active in the Sports council recognised coaching award scheme through the AMA.

All instructors are Criminal background checked through government guidelines. These instructors have recently trained in a Covid awareness course as part of ongoing training along with first aid.

The Dojo is kitted with the latest equipment to allow safe training. The Dojo has a designated caretaker that will deep clean at one point in the week and steam the mats and disinfect. So after reading all the above, I would like to say that we are here for you and to pass on our beloved art. If you feel that you are worried please call me on.

If you are worried and decide to stay away from training, please don’t worry ,we will be glad to see you when you return! The SSKC Covid Group which speak almost daily will keep you up to date with changes as they arises until then training as normal! Many thanks for your ongoing efforts in a troubled time, and best wishes from; Debs 1st Dan AMA coach, Club manager Richard 2nd Dan Niel 2nd Dan Dr, Adam 4th Dan Myself 7th Dan and  National accredited club coach Regards Bob Hague

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