Compliance with new Covid tier guidance - 15th October 2020

This update details how Sheffield Shotokan Karate complies with the new Covid guidelines.   We'd like to reassure all students of the steps taken to ensure we continue to train in a safe way.  We aim to fully follow the letter and spirit of the government guidelines. The health and wellbeing of all students within the club is of paramount importance at all times.   The new guidelines are published here: Compliance with alert levels Sheffield is currently considered High risk. We are following the guidance for high risk as good practice within the dojo and will continue to do so should Sheffield drop to medium risk. Compliance with recommendations for sport We are following the guidance for exercise classes and organised sports in the link above, and advice from our association : AMA. All partner work has been removed from classes, class sizes are limited and students train in a socially distanced way. This allows students to continue to train within the dojo without mixing with others and ensures karate is an individual activity in compliance with government recommendations. Compliance with recommendations for private dwellings Classes are held within the dojo. This is a designated exercise studio and not a private dwelling. Entrance is through the garage, ensuring that students are not within a private residence at any time. Students should arrive dressed for karate to minimise the requirement to change. As we are in a High Risk zone, students are asked to leave after karate and there is no opportunity to socialise outdoors after classes. Risk assessment and student monitoring We operate a track and trace system. This ensures students can be notified in the event that anyone tests positive for Covid.   Students who have any symptoms of Covid should stay home, report this to Bob, should not train and should seek a Covid test and report the result. All students are temperature checked before entering the dojo.  Students with a high temperature are not allowed to train and will be asked to seek a covid test.  The results of all tests should be reported to Bob, and results are held on file.  

Dojo, equipment disinfectant, student sanitation Bottles of antimicrobial hand sanitiser are provided within the dojo. We have invested in training dummies, punching bags and throwing dummies to replace partner work.  Individual training equipment is allocated to individual students and is disinfected by the respective students using disinfectant wipes after use. In addition, the dojo is deep cleaned on a weekly basis.  At all times, the window and door is kept open to ensure air flow : the air-con unit is turned off. We're continuing to do our best to maintain high standards, look after the wellbeing of all students and provide a safe training environment for you all during these challenging times.  Thank you all for your discipline, diligence and continued support. 

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