Knife Awareness Class - Update including photos from the class


14th March 2019

Due to the current climate and news content on knife crime, Bob is going to run a knife awareness class after the session on Saturday 16th March for children for 1 hour.

This will be free of charge to members. There will be no live blades used in practice of course but, however, a real knife will be displayed in the instructors hands only.

The aim of the session is to increase awareness of what you should do in a situation where a knife is present.

There will be technical training on the course and a certificate will be presented to those who attend.

If any parent has concerns in their child attending then please collect them at the normal time.

Any questions or concerns please ask, also photo's of the event will be on the website.

Kind regards

Debbie Sheffield Shotokan Karate Club

18th March 2019

The whole point of this class was to enable my younger students to look at the reality of knife defence and its practical or non practical application.

My assistant Instructor Tom was there to help in the physical aspect of the training, and no live blades were used in the Dojo.

The students were shown 4 simple moves and then told "You can now forget them until you have an incredible muscle memory and outstanding confidence to use them"

I also showed that even with my 43 years of Martial Arts experience ,I was still getting caught with the rubber knife used in the attack.

I went on to show the kids my last job working as a Supervisor in Security Services at the University of Sheffield. I asked them to point out any protection that I had. One kid spotted it straight away and said "Your radio Sensei"

"Absolutely" I said. In the kind of security I was in, I never came across a knife or was threatened by a knife, but the potential when I was in the public domain was always there, and same for anyone moving about certain areas.

So communication and a clear head was the key to staying safe!

I then showed the kids two clips . The first one was an explanation into the protective bladed stance. The second one explained about knife confrontation and escape.

I then followed it by teaching two Acronyms in Powerpoint to themes it would be remembered as a safety tool.




Step Back


Find Help



I then drew from the traditional ethos in Kata and Kumite a host of awareness applications on how to use them to try and withdraw from the situation.

The final emphasis was simply do not think that because you are trained in martial arts, it makes you a knife expert as well. If needed after withdrawal from a knife situation, and if possible leave the area immediately.

The Final slide on the Power Point simply said

Don't be a Hero!

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