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Ref - Sensi Bob Hauge

Sheffield: 6th February 2019

I have the pleasure of offering my unreserved recommendation for Sensei Hague, for his advancement and achievements in Karate-Do.

During the time I have known Sensei Hague he has always been very proactive with regards to the martial arts community. He has always made me and members of other organisations very welcomed in his dojo.

He has openly helped black belts not only from his organisation but also other organisation using the ‘same house, different rooms’ philosophy.

I am aware that he has taken many responsible roles and has travelled to other parts of the UK to teach and help other students. Furthermore he has been integral in helping to organise open karate courses in the Yorkshire area.

Sensei Hague’s teaching methods and knowledge combined with his unique approach to Karate make it easy for all students to learn irrespective of age. His passion and knowledge for martial arts combined with his organisation skills makes him an asset to any club and or organisation. If you have any further questions please contact me at rotherhamjka@gmail.com


Luis H. Bastidas MBA, I.Eng.

Northern Regional Officer – JKA England

Instructor (Rotherham JKA Karate Club)

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