Trip to East London JKA


It was a privilege and an honour to be asked to teach at the East London JKA karate club.

Sensei Bastidas was a great host to the members of Sheffield Shotokan on the day making us welcome,feeding us and catering for our members every need. There was also a celebratory drink or several before our departure at the train station. But let's not forget about the training.

Sensei Bastidas has a real spirited class within the JKA under Sensei Ohta. The first session was lower Kyu grades. We taught the essence of awareness in Kata and OYO (Personal application) There were some really good applications from children who are set to do well in their karate in the future and are a good standard.

The second class was a more physical class and Kata based, applying joint locks escapes and attacks to nerve centres and vulnerable areas using the bodies natural karate weapons. It was well received by all

But most of all friendships were made in the Martial Arts family as a group of friends traveling there's always humour. My students calling me Master Ken (look him up on you tube) so it was a master Ken day, thus the poses!

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