Health Karate - Free for 6 weeks


Absolutely free for the next 6 weeks, the class aimed at ages 50 plus members of the public and is situated in the Dance studio at Concorde sports centre in Sheffield on Thursday's at 10:00am.

This is a martial arts based keep fit class in which you will learn traditional Japanese karate techniques to improve your balance, aerobic fitness, core strength, flexibility and agility.

No fighting is involved!

It is a scientifically proven fact that training in karate by senior citizens improves cognitive ability, as well as increasing physical flexibility, strength and stamina. It also helps manage stress, improves mental capacity and helps combat the ageing process. You are never too old to start fresh or re-commence after a long absence !

The Sheffield Shotokan Karate Club have developed a programme specifically tailored for older people to obtain the fitness benefits from practising karate without the danger associated with normal karate classes. You will be introduced to bending and stretching exercises similar to yoga, breathing and co-ordination routines not unlike tai-chi, and core strengthening techniques like pilates, all within a syllabus which with time and dedication could lead you to a special senior grade black belt.

For further information contact Tim Watts on 07768518945, or email:


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