Brown and Black Belt session report

Course report from the Brown and Black belt session held 23/01/16

The lesson was geared in teaching the correct approach to kumite (Fighting Forms) The first part was geared to one step sparring and the need to re-act at close distances.

The the correct distance was taught using Gedan –Barai (Lower body block) in a touching distance making it difficult to manouvere out of without the use of twitch muscles and knee bends being applied.

The class found this to be difficult and the adrenalin was starting to flow. This also created a few minor injuries on the escape due to the shear speed of the attack and close proximity. The Sensei showed how to collapse the knees as an initial response to the attack allowing ease of movement into the next directional flow with the defenders legs. Now with this in place it was time to develop the correct defending technique that could be employed with impact. With one step , one of the purposes is to lock out a technique using Kime and use the power generated from body flow. Happily with the adrenalin flowing and overcoming the initial fears we were getting closer to the desired results. Jyu Ippon Kumite

The three circles theory applies in this situation. To explain there is a designated circular space that accommodates your stance and the same applies to your partner. In between both of you is the void area which is approximately the same distance as the area you are stood in.The object of the exercise is to cover the area in the attack and make contact with your opponent with an announced technique. The defender is to use a body shift on his retreat and be in the perfect place to use a counter strike. The class was shown that there are only a few specific escape routes, and the impacting should only be used when set down after the stances are achieved. A very spirited lesson with a few lumps and bumps but a good spirited effort by all who attended.


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