Visitor from Japan, Kenshin, he trains under the tutition of Mikio Yahara (9th Dan)

This month's visitor is Kenshin, he trains under the tution of Mikio Yahara (9th Dan). He is enjoying his stay in the UK and has been welcomed as a guest at the Sheffield Shotokan by all the members here. Hopefully he will take home fond memories of his stay in the UK, photo's of the session, here.

Mikio Yahara sensei is a revered karate master all around the world he is also an amazing athlete and a living karate-do legend, born April 4, 1947 he graduated from Kokushikan University and then became Kenshusei (junior instructor) at the Japan Karate Association's infamous hornet's nest (JKA Instructor Programme), he had a competitive career from 1974-84. As a competitor his skill, speed, power, suppleness and his fearless samurai attitude in the art of karate-do are legendary, even today at the age of 67 all these attributes shine through when he demonstrates techniques. In 2000 Yahara sensei formed his own organisation and became the chief instructor of Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF) which now boasts membership in over 40 countries, KWF is firmly based on the JKA shotokan style of karate-do and its training methods. Yahara Sensei' has a bujutsu mentality and firmly believes above all else that karate-do is a martial art and not a sport, this is reflected in his teachings and training methods in karate-do at KWF. Yahara sensei's approach will not be every body's cup of tea, but does promote and develop very strong, technically minded able karateka with a indomitable spirit. Yahara sensei's website Yahara's sensei's famous quote,

"Karate has no philosophy. My philosophy is to knock my opponent out."


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