Ju-Jitsu at the Sheffield Shotokan Karate Club

Sheffield Shotokan welcomed John Hallam 5th Dan Ju-Jitsu /4th Dan Ko-Budo for a short course in Ju-Jitsu .

The course started with the usual warming up and followed with an explanation of the work that was going to be covered on the day.

The first part of the course was dealing with arm locks and joint manipulation. This was followed on by manoeuvring this into a takedown situation.

There followed defences against punching and destruction techniques against a front kick that was pretty painful (See photos)

Body shift was then employed against a roundhouse kick finishing with a take down.

More close work followed with the use of spear hands into the throat area to disengage.

Finally a leg locking and arm locking system on the ground.

A well-received session by the members!

John will be coming back in January to teach Bo and Yari (Long Staff and short stick)

We have requested the above to help in our knowledge of our own Bo katas.

The Sheffield Shotokan, as always believes in the policy of embracing other martial arts and culminating its knowledge for the benefit of its members.

Any other Karate-Ka who would like to join us in January please arrange by e-mail.

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