WUKF European Championship for all ages, Sheffield 16th 20th October 2013

Word of President - Bulletin no 12, October 2013

Dear Karate friends,

More than 1200 participants, more than 1600 entries and 150 teams, 127 coaches and 75 referees, these are the statistics of our European Championships at Sheffield. The 40 federations from 21 countries brought to Sheffield more participants than we expected, making a hard job for the organizing team. But, starting with the registration days and ending with the farewell party, everybody had confidence that Sheffield would be a great success for all; one of the reference WUKF competitions, where friendship, tolerance and solidarity came home. ?xml:namespace prefix = "o" /

The new organizing team shared the tasks of the event. The president of the national federation in charge of the organization of the champion-ship, Mr Peter Allen made tremendous efforts to ensure success. Congratulations to all the volunteers and officials and all that worked for an event that made Sheffield famous again. They demonstrated that England is indeed a high class home for major sports events.

The days of registration, seminars and meetings flew fast and all the participants received very attractive ID cards with own photo and superb graphics made by the highly professional team from the I’m Famous company. It was a first for WUKF and a nice surprise offered to all by the organizers.

The competition days were not easy days. Even with the superb athletic arena of the English Institute of Sport, on 10 tatamis the timetable of the championship could not be maintained due to the high number of categories (205) that we had, but nobody protested. All participants were a team, working together, helping each other, understanding that success belongs to us all. There were no problems with coaches or spectators; it was an incredibly well-ordered and smoothly run event.

One of the most emotional moments was the march of the finalists and the handover of the WUKF flag to the next federation that will host the European Championship for all ages in Verona, FEKAM. With tears in their eyes, Mr Peter Allen and Mr Flaminio Cabrini did this to the applause of thousands of participants and spectators.

Now everybody awaits Verona, the city of love, the city that accepted the WUKF challenge for next June. The preparations are already underway and for sure we shall have there the best of our events. Italian pride is at top level. FEKAM will be helped by the other Italian federations to show to all that Italy is the best home of Karate and they within WUKF are doing “the best Karate in the world”.

Liviu Crisan

WUKF President

Read more in Bulletin no 12, October 2013


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