September Visitors Darren Hunter 3rd Dan J.K.A. and Takashi Mizuno 3rd Dan J.K.S.

Darren Hunter 3rd Dan Japan Karate Association and resident of New Zealand visited the Sheffield Shotokan for a month.

Darren was one of the original students at the Sheffield Shotokan in the early 80s before emigrating to New Zealand.

He has been trained by many Senior grade Japanese while over there the latest being Naka Sensei of Kuro Obi box office fame.

Darren took quite a few sessions while over here incorporating new methods of body shift now being brought in by the J.K.A.

One particular session was the teaching of the offset Kata taught to him by Naka. This training developed in Kata form the ability to regain balance while on the move in H form Kata. This caters for kumite were a collision takes place and a need for rectification of stability is required.

He was very keen on the fundamentals and could not emphasise enough about the basics .

Shortly after the arrival of Darren there was the arrival of Takashi Mizuno 3rd Dan J.K.S

Takashi Sensei took on the Kumite (Sparring) aspect of training in the club. Everybody felt the pressure, and the soreness.

Takashi’s was as perfectly balanced as possible delivering techniques from impossible angles. He constantly made the emphasis towards knee lift and pivot. His fitness was superb

During his class warming one session Takashi with only his toes gripped the mat and projected himself across the mat (Impossible) The level of Takashi’s muscle control was fantastic.

Both Men showed the Ethos of good karate to all were involved with their training.

Both made good friends here in Sheffield. I hope that they took away many memories.

It wasn’t all hard work though I introduced them both to the world of J.D. Wetherspoons and the custom of Supping John Smiths.

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