Coaching Awards Report

We Met up with Nev Hamilton,s S.Y.K. Organisation on Sunday the 8th of December for our Instructors to be assessed. all 6 Instructors were successfull in attaining the Nationaly recognised coaching award.

This award is an accreditation given to Instructors who show competancy in the teaching and running of a club.

The assessment was based on the following;

  • A safe training environment, with sufficient first aid provision.

  • Sports specifics during warm up showing the body in action,

  • Interaction with students and the abillity to communicate methods of teaching,

  • A full understanding of the subject taught and the abillity to produce lesson plans with purpose.

  • Record keeping.

  • Child Protection training.

  • Enhanced C.R.B.

  • First Aid certificate.

  • Provision of own Public liabillity Insurance

The Instructors on the day also presented Peter Allen with their own folders for assessment which also contained a full history of the licencing from beginner and also a history of acheivements with accompanying photographic records.

Thanks goes out to Nev Hamilton for his support during the planning stages, making the 5 hour assessment go smoothly.

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