Sheffield Shotokan Karate Club Outstanding student awards 2013

Lynette has been awarded the adult award due to her build in confidence through hard training in our club. She is always punctual and dedicated in her approach to training. Lynette is a member of instructor Elaine Shortridge ladies group as well as the general classes , and has always put 100% into every class. She is one of several members of her family that takes part in training with one of her brothers being a past national champion in the 80's.


Brennan is a quiet but confident member of the club. being very athletic in his approach to learning. He picks up new techniques very quickly and as with Lynette he is very punctual. He has shown continual effort in every lesson and a good fighting spirit. Brennan was also a medal winner in the S.K.U. National open championships last month.


Well done to both!

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Child Outstanding Student 2013

Brennan Sykes

Lynette Granger

Adult Outstanding Student 2013

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