Cross Training, 9th January

The cross training went well. The subjects covered on the night were bag work and stamina reps. The use of body shift against the moving bag, and in particular the use of the back leg to escape a centre line attack, then the adaptation of the front foot to step out and create impact from the back hip and lower abdomen. Then on to hook and jab pads using body shift and close quarter combinations. All the above done in 3 minute slots with 30 second rest periods After the impact training came CQB. This week scenario was based on a fast closing of space and a grab placed on yourself at neck and chest height. A technique was taken from Heian Yondan, using a barring movement and parry to escape and return with a ridge hand and take down technique. To finish the session a stamina exercise using a Torso Bag with no chains attached. This used for impact while held by a partner. When the command is given the bag is knocked to the ground and the trainee hits it from above. The next command is then given for the trainee to roll on to their back where a fresh partner enters into ground work with them, leaving them physically exhausted. The session finished with stretching exercises. Looking forward to the next session! Many thanks

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