Black Belt Course

Candidates from SYSK and Sheffield Shotokan meet for a Dan Grading.

An examination that incorporated Basics/Kata and Kumite. This would take approx 90 minutes of Physical testing.

The candidates would be examined over a range of basic karate techniques,12 sets in total.
Next They would be examined on kata. 2 random katas being picked from the Heian Basics.
Tekki Shodan (Brown Belt) to follow. Finally finishing with two black belt katas.
The final test would be Kumite (Fighting Section) . This would be shown in basic fighting drills in a standard format,then in a pre- arranged fighting form.
Finally Ju Kumite ( Actual  free fighting) 5 opponents in total .This would be continual and not stopping until Yame! is called at the point of the candidate reaching exhaustion.

Great effort

Well done to all!

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